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At Kii Design Studio, we were passionate about finding a name that encompassed our unique company values. We wanted a word that was both strong, uncommon, and playful: a name that would highlight our selective artistry, steadfast commitment to our clients, and penchant for wild projects; the kind that would challenge and inspire us as creators:

KII (Pronounced Kee), Origin: Japanese: Strange, Wonderful, Odd.

We are highly selective Designers, detail-oriented, and one-of a kind, we seek to conduct every facet of our business in a truly Kii way: providing work that is consistently outstanding and out-of-the-box: proudly and perfectly exceeding client expectations; Your design should be as singular as your vision.

At Kii Design Studio, we are committed to seeing the potential of your project as limitless. We aim to reinvent reality, and create designs imbued with the reality of your wildest dreams.

Our clients choose us because they understand the value and pride we take in our work: informed by the needs of the individual, and not the monetary or financial constraint. We promise to engage in communicative, constant, and consistent collaboration — partners in the creation of your lofty, wonderful goals.

To put it simply: we make the impossible possible. And we are looking very forward to the work your dreams can inspire within us.

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